Mesmerizing, captivating, dreamy, stirring - all words that describe the magic of a Gadjo Collective performance! Masterful musicians with ragged old souls that will move you, body and spirit. Gadjo melted our dance floor and our hearts. Would not hesitate to book again” - Jana Graham - Artistic Director of Snowking festival

Gadjo Collective - Bio 



  The Gadjo Collective is a dynamic and passionate ensemble, with a unique blend of Balkan-inspired music and jazz improvisation 
The Gadjo Collective began in 2013 when we formed as a Balkan dance band in Edmonton, Alberta. We take pride in embracing the term "Gadjo," which means non-Roma in Romani, to honor the music of the Romani people. Our band was born from a desire to share the captivating melodies and rhythms that I encountered while traveling the Roma trail from India to Spain.
With our diverse lineup of talented musicians, including:
Lisi Sommer - vocals Cam Neufeld - violin, Billie Zizi -vocals and guitar ,Don Ross - clarinet , Kieth Rempel- sousaphone,Ahmed Al Auqaily- darbuka Caleb Hunt- bari-sax
Over the years, we have performed at various events and festivals in the Western Canada including the Balkan festival Ederlezi, Starbelly Jam and  Wild Mountain festival We have  released an album, "Balkan Jam," in 2017 and Live at Capitol Theatre in 2020. 
We are ready to bring a 7-piece ensemble to deliver a show that combines the energy of Balkan music with the artistry of jazz improvisation. Our set will not only be compelling to dance to but also a mesmerizing auditory journey.

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Gadjo Collective at Festival Place

Gadjo Collective at Blue Sky

Gadjo Collective @ Capitol Theatre

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