Tulita landing

10 December 2013 at 23:53

The wind winds its way down the mighty Mackenzie river, wrapping itself around the Great Bear rock, creating the turbulence that delight the arrivals by air to the sleepy little town of Tulita nestled in-between the two rivers. The ice road is not ready yet, the 20 seater twin-prop airplane is the only access from the outside and survives the landing ; the nonchalance of fellow passengers should have been assuring yet I have to admit I was relieved to be on the ground in one piece..
    The rivers are frozen and the land is in its glorious decent into darkness but inside it is warm and Rod Olstad is playing his fiddle hot... I’m pounding my feet and floating some guitar rhythms to bouy up the searing melodies ... the people are dancing, kids and adults together.. the Chief and some of the elders are there watching ..Rod somehow miraculously calling the Virginia reel while playing .. other dances follow , the seven step , Sasha , waltzes,Salty Dog swing and the ever popular Red River jig. We play the virginia reel twice more and after perhaps the 7th time of Red River jig wind down the evening with a waltz... the Chief is smiling and we all shake hands, knowing that for this brief moment, the darkness and cold were kept at bay. The  memories of sweet smiles make likely a return to this place where once the giant Yamozha roamed the land saving the people from giant beavers and taught the people to live in peace and harmony.